The Pixelbook is Better in 2020 than in 2017!

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This is why the Google Pixelbook is a better buy in 2020 than in 2017! If you’re considering buying a new machine, watch this and learn why the Pixelbook may be the best option for you!

(This is not a paid promotion, I just really like the device.)

0:00 Overview
0:53 Specs
1:46 Hardware
2:33 Tablet Mode
3:13 ChromeOS Software
7:43 Price
8:08 Age and Longevity
8:59 Why get a Chromebook?
10:43 File System
11:15 Working Offline
11:52 A Chromebook for Everybody
14:07 Main Points Reviewed

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  1. Literally my friends my causins even younger causins then me get new laptop computer while me stuck with my dad's old computer which flickers lags and shut downs automaticly i feel depressed

  2. I like your style, you look right in the camera and appear to be speaking from personal experience rather than reading off something in the distance. Thank you. Subcribed.

  3. Quick tip, you can switch between signed in accounts faster with this keyboard shortcut:


    Awesome video! Most people would be completely satisfied with a chromebook. Also chromebooks run much better on lower hardware than windows. If you compare the same spec windows laptop and chromebook the chromebook will be much snappier. Also likely have a better screen, speakers, and keyboard. Better hardware in general.

    The Pixelbook Go may look cheaper online but it definitely isn't in person, It's made out of magnesium and is very sturdy. It's a hell of a device, don't look past it. You can also find them online on ebay or swappa for $400-$500 easily. It gets 2 years more support than the Pixelbook and most reviewers online prefer it. I have one and it's my favorite laptop I've ever owned!

  4. There's a lot of MediaTek 8183 devices floating around for cheaper, and on paper, it seems like a better processor with 8 cores and 2ghz speeds. Do you think that would be better? It only has 4gb ram but I don't plan on using it much, just for the YouTube app really

  5. Trash!

    I will not connect to printers via WiFi nor USB connection(s).

    You get the notification that the printer has been added and ready to use, but when the print attempt is made, it simply spins endlessly (trying to communicate with printer).

    Even its own google docs doesn't run on this expensive Trash. "This file format is not supported. Please wait for subsequent versions." message pops when one attempts to create a new document.

    This Trash has turned me off from google products. That's right, Trash with capital T and google with lower case g.

  6. A nice, well constructed review. I only use Chromebooks and just got the Pixelbook Go. My best purchase to date. Also, I've just subbed to you based on your balanced review.

  7. Pixelbook is a piece of crappy tech. If you buy it, you're gonna be buying your way to a ton of problems and hassles. Don't be a fool, don't waste your money here, there are way better options…

  8. watching the video from my chromebook! You can find some used chromebooks for 1/3 of the price and it's still running fast today. Tablets get super slow overtime and this is way better than tablet. My macbook air got very slow after 3 years also. Google did a very good job tuning their software to the hardware. I bought my i7 version back in 2018 for $500 and still running today!

  9. Has anyone had success installing Starcraft 2 in Their Pixelbook? I can't see purchasing a $1k laptop to play a 10 year old video game. I know it can be done, but I haven't come across a solid tutorial yet.

  10. It's so funny how something so many people see as unjustifiably extravagant can be so cherished by those chosen few who "get it". Maybe it's just for us? Are you one of the techno-geek chosen? Buy one and find out.

  11. Currently using Acer R13 since last year. Pretty satisfied overall .
    Great battery, good screen, there is no slow down and other problems.
    I am feeling a need to upgrade my Chromebook. Since I am using Lunix , some graphic intense program feels a bit sluggish.
    + The most of a lot of programs that I need don't support ARM processors.
    I am waiting for a good deal on Pixelbook and other Chromebook

  12. You can pick them up on eBay with full specs for about $500 which is a damn good price for a premium Chromebook. I just picked one up and hopefully it works out…if not then at $500 isn't that much.

  13. This was a very helpful and positive video! I am looking on the used market for one. Do you think it would be worth it to splurge for the i7 and 16gb version? I would also consider the i5 8gb version, I don't need a large hard drive. I just feel that since its getting a bit older the i7 with the extra ram will hold up longer or am I fooling myself and should save money on the i5? Thanks so much for your help!

  14. I can see that the reddit Pixelbook community is still active but I kinda stopped using reddit and I don't want to use it.

    I have so many questions I would like to ask on that subreddit. Why the Pixelbook in 2020? What makes this device so special? Why are people still buying this? The $400 price tag on a used model kind of answers my question. That makes it a reasonably good buy. How long does your battery last specifically? For some reason I remember battery life as one of the good things about chromebooks even though they use the same processors as regular windows laptops.

  15. It's definitely a fantastic machine. We have a base model in the house and it flies for most tasks. When the Pixelbook first launched there was some criticism about the bezels being relatively large. I hardly notice them (given how well-built the Pixelbook is overall), but the fact that a 13.5-inch display with the same aspect ratio could have potentially fit into this device kind of frustrates me. I would have given up some of its thinness for more screen real estate any day.


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